I am Love organic sex and body oil 50ml

I am Love organic sex and body oil 50ml

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Herbal Infused Sex and Body Oil.

Our most cherished product - the sex and body oil acts as a oil based lubricant. We have infused 4 beautiful carrier oils in plant medicine to leave you with a silky, aphrodisiac, healing bounty of a product. This oil is PH balancing, running at the same PH of a healthy vagina. It increases your libido, helps fight against unwanted bacterias and fungus, and vaginal dryness. Male and Female friendly. 

Allow the plant medicine to transcend you to a consensual place with yourself, you partner, or many. 


Apricot Kernel Oil: Resembles natural sebum of the human skin, giving you a non greasy oil that contains palmitic acid, omega 6, vitamin A and E and more. All of this together protects against unwanted bacteria, facilitates healing of wounds, is anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and wont leave you feeling sticky. 

Almond Oil: Similar to Apricot Kernel Oil, Almond Oil moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin, has a "staying power" so you do not have to continue re applying, it will not clog pores, is antibacterial, anti fungal, contains vitamin A, E, B7, and Magnesium, and can help prevent fungus. 

Sunflower Oil: This oil is light, non-greasy, but slippery. It contains Linoleic Acid that protects the skin against bacteria, is non-irritating, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, calms redness, is ultra hydrating and gentle. 

Hemp Seed Oil: Cannabis Oil is slippery, non sticky, and is a beautiful aphrodisiac, stimulating blood circulation, helping with erections, all while being gentle on the skim 


Sacred Blue Lotus Flower: Moisturizes skin, fights inflammation, calms and soothes irritated skin, is a potent aphrodisiac. 

Rose Petal: Improved Libido, assists with vaginal itching/dehydration/discomfort, decreases anxiety, protects against harmful bacteria and fungi. 

Chamomile: Anti-fungal, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, soothing, and good for people who are prone to Candida. 

Damiana: Potent Aphrodisiac by increasing blood flow to the genitalia, used in herbal medicine to relax and improve energy at the same time, increases sex drive, fights PMS, insomnia, fungal diseases and more, is a mood enhancer, increases orgasmic frequency, reduces vaginal dryness and more. 

Lavender: Calming herb that relaxes the nervous system, skin nourishing antioxidant, aphrodisiac, and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. 

Calendula: Can close vaginal tears, help with hemorrhoids, scar tissue, decrease vaginal dryness and candida, PH balancing, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. 

Burdock Root: Helps with painful mensuration and PMS, detoxifies the blood stream and any excess estrogen, and strengthens the uterus. 

*We take consent very seriously. Please discuss boundaries, Sexual Health, Relationship, Consent, and Aftercare throughout every step of diving into its bliss. 


Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil, Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, all infused in: Sacred Lotus Flower, Rose Petal, Damiana, Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula, Burdock Root. *all organic ingredients

50ml, in a Glass Dropper Bottle.