About Salt and Rainbows

salt and rainbows was created in late 2020. built during a time of trial and uncertainty, salt and rainbows is about celebrating all the moments in life, the tears shed and the positive vibes. after all, we are strong believers that you can’t have one without the other.

we feel an important part of self care is raising your vibrations by surrounding yourself with a little magic.

challenges and dark times are unavoidable, but our products are made to remind you to create a light in the darkness and bring some balance into your life. our products are created for the light seekers, the ones that believe in holistic health, and those who seek crystal energy and healing.

we offer a selection of products including crystal candles, ritual bath soaks, crystal infused moon
waters, and many, many varieties of crystals. our extensive range ensures you will connect with the crystal meant for you.

all of our products are australian made and handcrafted with light and love in our fleurieu peninsula studio with sustainable and ethical materials.

our signature crystal products strengthen and balance the flow of positive energy by magnifying the
power of ethically sourced crystals and filling your home with good vibes.

our crystal candles are hand poured with a soy wax blend, charged crystals, and a vegan fragrance. we ensure that each crystal is infused in the wax before finding their home in your candle to give you the maximum benefit of their energy.