The power of the downstate by Sara c Mednick

The power of the downstate by Sara c Mednick

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An authoritative guide to harnessing the Downstate for physical, cognitive and emotional health

This is the secret to living a longer, wiser and happier life; the key to a smarter, more productive, healthier you. Welcome to the power of the Downstate.

In The Power of the Downstate, Dr Mednick will show you how to achieve robust health, sustained productivity and brilliant thinking by maintaining balance and finding harmony with your natural rhythms. The Downstate is the time and space in which restoration and recuperation from the day-to-day stress of living take place. It's when our body can restore our most vital functions at a cellular level, including giving our heart, brain and metabolism a rest. In essence, it's our opportunity to plug ourselves into a metaphorical outlet and power back up. In this revolutionary book, you'll discover how to:

  • Engage in simple, quick activities that make you feel rested and full of energy, such as mindfulness and breathing exercises.
  • Access the Downstate via four key approaches- parasympathetic nourishment, sleep, exercise and nutrition.
  • Restore your inner balance with the four-week Downstate Recovery Plan, rich with bite-sized, science-backed tools and techniques.

Find out how to be more alert, productive and cognitively sharp during the day, enjoy consolidated, restorative sleep at night, and achieve a long life filled with mental and physical vitality.