Rest Ritual Box

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Activate the sacred past with our NEW Ritual Boxes.

‘The Art of Ritual’ has been a consistent human practice for centuries and is thought to link the conscious and sub-conscious in order to extract more meaning from and connection to what we call life. A common thread, that seeks to cultivate calm and presence through daily ceremony.

Our Ritual Boxes have been created to prompt a ritualistic approach to self-care in your life. A giftable, physical reminder to consistently take a daily moment with personalised practice.


Rest is essential for the soul, as is our Rest Ritual Box which hereby gives you permission to slow down and settle into a state of deep relaxation. Amethyst naturally relieves insomnia, Howlite calms the mind and Clear Quartz amplifies a tranquil atmosphere. Warm, earthy notes of cedar and sandalwood are soothed by creamy vanilla and patchouli offering respite from stress or anxiety.


  • 1 x Rest Candle 
  • 1 x Moon Day Ritual Soak 
  • 1 x Rest Moon Water 
  • 1 x Amethyst Cluster Crystal
  • 1 x Handmade Rest Sage Torch by Bhon Bhon Blossom in Byron Bay

Our Ritual Recommendation

Cleanse your space with the white sage torch, relieving it of any negative energy. Then, run a warm bath and place the amethyst crystal nearby. Dissolve the Moon Day magnesium salt flakes ritual soak in the water as you light your Rest candle having carefully removed the large crystals. Spritz the room with the Rest Moon Water before relaxing. Enjoy a cup of your favourite herbal tea as you soak.

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