Palo Santo Pack

Palo Santo Pack

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Palo Santo means Holy Wood in Spanish, it is said to raise vibrations, purify and cleanse. 

It has a beautiful aromatic smell, its citrusy, piny and herby and evokes calm and brings clarity to spaces and situations. It makes the perfect smudging tool.

Palo Santo was first used off the coast of South America; it’s considered a deeply sacred and spiritual tree, that has magical healing properties similar to White Sage.

Palo Santo is the perfect way of moving out the bad energies, negative spirits and shitty mojo that has been causing issues in your life. It can help creativity and bring fortune to people that use it. It also makes a wonderful natural mosquito repellent. Replace common air freshener with beautiful Palo Santo.

Using Palo Santo is very simple. You can cleanse rooms, crystals, and people of there unwanted energies. Just by lighting one stick of Palo Santo and then blowing it out, allowing it to smoke. Use this smoke to dance around the room or crystals, thus cleansing the space or item. Don’t forget the corners of rooms, as this is where negative energy likes to accumulate.

You receive 4 pieces of sustainably sourced Palo Santo in this package.

WARNING: Also never leave a lit or smouldering Palo Santo stick unattended. To extinguish just put the smouldering piece of Palo Santo in a fireproof bowl with a little sand or soil until completely put out. Keep the stick to reuse next time.