Salts of Mercury crystal bath soak 200g

Salts of Mercury crystal bath soak 200g

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Mercury ~ Wednesday

The quick-moving celestial messenger, Mercury passes knowledge, thoughts, and intelligence. The quicksilver nature of Mercury is social, fast-paced, and youthful, encouraging quick thinking, clear communication, and practical wisdom. Like Puck or Peter Pan, there is also a light-hearted trickster vibe to Mercury, so embrace the fun and take care with its hijinks. Choosing head over heart, logic over feelings, you can turn to curious Mercury when you need the facts and the facts alone. Mercury’s power works well for thinking, talking, meeting, sharing, learning, writing – anything that gets those mental processes spinning. Its bright, logical energy is also supportive of travel, commerce and trading, so tap into Mercury’s clarity for support in these realms.

Get swept up in Mercury’s swift and curious nature to brighten your mind and quicken your thoughts.

This blend of Dead Sea salt, organic botanicals and pure essential oils is perfect for when you need a logical thought, and imaginative ideas. 

Directions: Place a few tablespoons of salts of mercury into a warm running bath and allow yourself to relax in her beauty. To amplify her power, place the sunstone in the bath or keep her near whilst bathing.

If you would rather not have dried flowers and herbs floating in your bath, place a couple of tablespoons of the soak into the organic reusable cotton bag, tie up the bag and pop it in your warm bath to soak.

Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, pink Himalayan rock salt, Calendula, Fennel seeds, Lemon verbena, Lemon essential oil, silver leaf, sunstone crystal. 

Please note: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have sensitive skin please consult a doctor before using our ritual soaks.