Lilium Herbal smoking mix

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Lilium Herbal Smoking Mix

herbal mix specifically formulated to enhance dreaming and to cleanse the spirit and mind through deep breathing and meditation. All of our herbs are either certified organic or wildcrafted + prepared with love and reverence for the plant medicine realm.

A blend of //

Wild harvested local Blue Lotus, Red Rose, Mullein,

Marshmallow, Damiana, Skullcap & Mugwort.

Blue lotus provides a mild sense of tranquility and euphoria, along with altered states of awareness. This powerful flower of deep wisdom and dreaming has the ability to enhance meditative and introspective practices.

Rose for opening the heart and drawing love in, closer and closer. Within ourselves and others.

Mullein a powerful but gentle lung tonic, for deeper and clearer breathing so we can access our higher state of mind and awareness. Opens and purifies the lungs, like mountain air on a winter solstice morning.

Marshmallow to soften muscles and tissues, to calm the nervous system and dive deeper into a state of complete relaxation. A powerful yin herb.

Damiana as a guide through the dreamtime realm + close ally in cosmic subconscious travelling. A Gentle and effective aphrodisiac.

Skullcap to induce a deep state of relaxation through clearing anxiety and insomnia.

all words and images sourced from Lilium x

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