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Lilium Moon Time Tea is mindfully crafted to support inner and outer harmony during all lunar phases of a woman. A plant medicine blend of sacred allies to bring forth ritual in honouring the creation of life, death and rebirth cycles. Created to alleviate menstrual cramps, promote peace during PMS, and replenish the body. These deeply nourishing herbs encourage the Blood Moon to be a time of honouring. A sacred time when slipping into a silent space of self care and nourishment should be first priority.

A blend of //

Wild harvested Nettle, Red Raspberry Leaf, Shatavari, Calendula, Lavender, Wild harvested local Blue Lotus, Red Rose - All Organic.

Nettle - Rich in iron, nettle is a natural blood builder among being potent in highly nourishing minerals and vitamins, nettle is replenishing in so many ways thus helping our body with depletion during heavy moon time flow.

Red Raspberry Leaf - Known to reduce menstrual cramps by strengthening the uterus as well as the pelvic area while supplying you with an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals.

Shatavari- Known to rejuvenate the female reproductive system since ancient traditions, It has both a nourishing and purifying effect on the female reproductive organs and is suggested to be used throughout the many phases of womanhood. It’s adaptogenic properties help the body and mind withstand stress during those highly intense and emotional days we all know we have. Shatavari is also a nerve sedative and tonic which calms the nervous system while also restoring it, helping to sooth anger and irritability.

Calendula - Helps to relieve PMS, reduce excessive bleeding and help the lymphatic system to clear while supporting our skin to keep that healthy glow in days we feel low and drained.

Lavender - Helps to sooth and relax the nervous system, body, mind and spirit helping to ease an PMS anxiety and depression + a beautiful sleep aid.

Blue Lotus - We consider to be the flower of wisdom, intuition and connection, basically Woman in a flower. She is the gentle and powerful source in living radiance of transformation and a vehicle for accession and rebirth. She is a powerful guide in deep inner travelling, which as we know – A women's moon is her time of delving inwards, a highly introverted experience where our powers of a woman and witch are at their highest and should be honoured by ourselves and those around us.

Rose Petals – in everything for love and opening to heart.

Steep Moon Time Tea in your favourite tea pot or tea strainer. Allow the herbs to infuse for 3-5minutes before sipping and releasing. We love with a little spoon of local honey for that added sweetness.

An earthy & mildly floral caffeine free blend. Like the forest and wild flowers on a fresh spring day. She is gentle but powerful in her healing.

Approx. 20 servings.

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