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Feel good & feel high dreamtime + aphrodisiac tonic.

Our Spirit blend is mindfully and magically formulated to be the all encompassing Sex + Dream + Magic tonic, hence why she deserves the name ‘Spirit’. She energises us, giving us superior life force while still keeping us grounded to the earth as the dream realms open up with each sip. Spirit is supercharged with the highest quality organic extracts that have powerful aphrodisiac qualities. The blend includes Mucuna Pruriens 10:1 and Blue Lotus 10:1 promoting sexual energy, we have our Queen Reishi in abundance as Reishi is well known to enhance and support spiritual development - she too like the Blue Lotus has the ability to see into unseen realms and channel higher energy through us. Pink Rose extract opens the heart and keeps our energy centred in our core whilst inviting in expansion and states of bliss with a subtle succulent sweetness. Maca Root offers a delicious earthy creaminess and is known to improve mood and reduce anxiety. Maca is also in here as a gentle libido booster while supporting the physical body.


Mucuna Pruriens 10:1 ~ Dopamine Support - Aphrodisiac - Antioxidant - Dream Space

Blue Lotus 10:1 ~ Flower of Wisdom - Lucid Dreaming - Sleep Aid - Joy

Reishi 30% betaglucans ~ Spiritual potency - Immune Modulator - Anti-stress - Supports inner peace.

Maca Root 10:1 ~ Libido Boost - Anti Depressant - Anxiety support

Pink Rose Extract ~ Heart Opener - Sweetness - Love

200g of potent organic adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. / 60 servings per jar. Best served in a hot beverage - which we call a tonic.

SPIRIT recipe ~

2g (1 Tablespoon) Spirit mix.

2 tsp cacao butter

1 cup milk of choice ( nut milk works best )

1 spoon sweetener of choice (coconut sugar, raw honey, maple syrup)

1 tsp organic ghee, MCT oil, coconut oil or cacao butter ( you can also leave this out if you don’t have any of these )

Method: .

Heat 1 cup your choice of nut milk + blend together with remaining ingredients. Serve, breathe & self heal.

All words and images by Lilium