Indie Rose Aurelia ritual oil

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Use the affirmation while applying AURELIA oil onto your face & body. This is a beautiful oil for a self love body massage or to receive a massage from your lover. Shake well before use.

Allow the affirmation to sink deeply into your body just like the oil, allowing it to be absorbed into your being. By smelling the oil while saying the affirmation it will teach your mind & body to become golden when you smell the scents. Massage areas of your body that need nourishment feeling the energy of the sacred light being created in your body. If using this oil on a partner visualise your hands becoming golden as you touch their skin & the person receiving to visualise their bodies becoming golden with the touch.

KEY BENEFITS: antioxidant, IMMUNITY BOOST, calming nervous system, balances the mind, enhances mood, helps relieve tension, ILLUMINATING.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Frankincense Oil, Organic Refined Camellia Oil, 24k gold Leaf.


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