Essentials Tumble Pouch

Essentials Tumble Pouch

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Just finding your connection to crystals and not sure where to start your collection?  

This consciously curated collection of four bespoke crystals covers all the essentials to get you started on your path to good vibes.

Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love and promotes self-love and feelings of peace. Dispelling negative energy, it encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance to bring out self-trust and self-worth. 

Amethyst promotes spiritual self-love. It helps you to connect to your higher self and develop the self-awareness needed to grow into your best self. Amethyst helps you work through fear and shame, and wards off all negative energy from your life, including negative thoughts towards yourself!

Black Tourmaline, the bodyguard stone, works like a sponge, soaking up all the negative energy that surrounds it. Absorbing negativity, the stone can prevent unwanted energy from entering your home, mind, body, or spirit. A grounding stone, Black Tourmaline provides energetic security, helping you to feel safe as you move throughout the world.  

Clear Quartz amplifies energy and the effect of other crystals. Clear Quartz draws off negative energy, neutralises background radiation, and balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. 

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