Clear Apophyllite on Blue Chalcedony with Red Stilbite Crystal

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Clear Apophyllite on Blue Chalcedony with Red Stilbite Crystal

Hand mined in India, this beautiful statement piece is ethically and sustainably sourced. A highly vibrational energy, this stone is perfect for bright, open areas. See the magic as this stunning stone catches the light dancing through your home, a true statement piece.

Clear Apophyllite

Crown and Third Eye Chakra

Calming - Inner Peace - Intuition - Joy - Spiritual Connection


Clear Apophyllite is a high vibrational crystal that beams awakening energy. Connected to the Crown Chakra, it has highly mentally active vibrations. Clear Apophyllite opens your mind to messages from your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and your higher self. It clears away your mental blocks while strengthening your intuition and psychic abilities. Radiating high vibrations of love and inner peace, this is the stone to shine light into the darkness.


Blue Chalcedony

Throat Chakra

Balance - Calming - Creativity - Communication - Harmony - Nurturing - Positivity


Blue Chalcedony promotes harmony of the mind, body, and spirit. Calming the emotions, it helps you authentically communicate your truth. Blue Chalcedony encourages strengthening your relationships with loved ones through deep discussions. A nurturing stone, it promotes love and eases self-doubt to bring inner peace. Blue Chalcedony unearths subconscious emotions so you can honour your true feelings and move on with positivity and light.


Red Stilbite

Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakra

Calming - Clarity - Inner Peace - Insomnia - Self Care


Red Stilbite has a gentle energy invoking the powers of universal love. Activating your Heart Chakra, it opens your heart up to healing. This stone surrounds you with feelings of love and security. A great stone for mental clarity, it aids in clearing mental clutter allowing you to focus. Radiating positivity, Red Stilbite promotes self love and helps you overcome fears and self-doubt.


Weight: 5.64kg

Sustainably sourced from: Aurangabad District, Maharashtra