Cleansing Ritual Kit

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Cleanse your space from negative energy and invite in good vibes.

This kit is a complete cleansing starter kit so you have everything you need to banish bad energy and usher in light.

Kit contains:

  • 1 x Palo Santo piece
  • 1 x small white sage torch
  • 1 x small selenite wand
  • 1 x clear quartz crystal

Palo Santo means Holy Wood in Spanish, it is said to raise vibrations, purify and cleanse.  With an aromatic, woody scent with a hint of lemon and mint, Palo Santo will bring peace and clarity to your space.

White Sage is used to cleanse larger areas. It purifies, protects and elevates your space from negative energy, while also smelling divine. White Sage is traditionally used and regarded as sacred by Native Americans.

Selenite is a calm stone that promotes peace, healing, and cleansing. Make a home for your Selenite wand above your doorway, to allow only positive energy into your home. You can also use Selenite as a crystal cleanser by placing tumble stones on it to charge.

Clear Quartz is the perfect amplifier. It increases positive energy and can be used with all products to receive maximum benefit. It is also a great crystal to pair with other crystals to reinforce their energy.

Directions: Make a home for your Quartz Crystal and Selenite wand in your space. Light a candle and use the candle flame to light your Palo Santo or White Sage torch. When the torch is lit, blow it out until it leaves smoke and embers. Use the smoke to cleanse your space by moving the torch around the area.

WARNING: Please never leave a lit or smouldering Palo Santo stick or Sage wand unattended. To extinguish just put the smouldering cleansing item in a fireproof bowl with a little sand or soil until completely put out. Keep the stick or wand to reuse next time.