Blue Lace Agate Tower

Blue Lace Agate Tower

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Blue lace agate is one the prettiest stones you will ever see. With its delicate bands and patterns that look like waves and arrangements that look like lace, this stone can truly captivate. 

It’s among the rarest and most popular agate stones because of its appearance and the many healing benefits it gives to its owner.

Blue lace agate is an excellent stone to have when you’re facing a difficult battle in your life, you will feel lighter, more hopeful, and more optimistic even in hard situations.

Blue lace agate can also aid in purifying your lymphatic system, reduces inflammation, and bring down fevers. It can hasten the repair of broken bones, aid in thyroid deficiencies, as well as lymph and throat infections.

This stone can also help heal sore eyes and red, irritated skin. It can lower high blood pressure and promote good sleep.

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